Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fortress Jammu- A dictators' paradise:Heil Manmohan

Heil Manmohan.
Heil Omar.
Heil PC.

ein reich, ein volk , ein Fuhrer!

I am missing the death chambers of Austwitz here. The death chambers of Nazi Germany.

The rest is the same-

Unwarranted arrests without a reason.

Stomping Human rights.

Killing Democracy.

Blackening news.

Arresting leaders.

Attempts to terrorise Nationalists BJYM workers by baton led police men.

Blocking roads and sealing borders.

Sending back trains with BJP workers.

Prohibitory orders were also issued in Ramban, Kishtwar and Doda districts to prevent BJP activists from these adjacent districts to enter the Kashmir Valley.

'Profiling of passengers arriving here by air has also been started,'

Lathi charge on people whose crime is they want respect for the Tricolour.

Perhaps even allowing people into Jammu who carry Knives and Guns but arresting those who carry the Tricolour.

Gen X does not know about the emergency- This is a trailer to the suppressive Indira regime of the era of Emergency.

Just imagine, if all this could happen in today's world full of Information tools, then what must have happened then?


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