Friday, January 14, 2011

From Durgapur the yatra reaches Coal Capital of India- Dhanbad

Supporters bid a grand welcome to Mr Thakur’ Rashtirya Ekta Yatra in Dhanbad, . The Yatra started from Durgapur on Thursday morning received warm welcomes in the way such as Gopalgarh, Raniganj etc and halted in Asansol for a grand public meeting.
In Asansol, Mr Thakur offered his great respect to Shri Dilip Mukherjee, the father of Kargil Martyr Shri Jayant Mukherjee.
The public meeting was attended by leaders and workers of BJP, BJYM and huge general public. A group of Muslim youths of the area also joined the Yatra to give a clear message of unity among diversity.
Due to huge public gathering the welcome ceremony converted into a public meeting in Dhanbad and Aasansol. In these public meetings the chief of BJYM raised the issue of terrorism and said, “Terrorism, Naxalism, and Maoism are weakening the country and the reason behind its propagation is- political nursing,”. He categorically stated that terrorism must be keep out of politics, it has no religion. The very foundation of Indian’s social harmony is based on the patriotism of both Hindu and Muslim communities. We need to be careful and counter the handful persons of destructive mentality and always engaged in their divisive politics.
Attacking the senior Congress leader Mr Digvijay Singh, Mr Thakur said that his visit to Batla House and adverse comments on the martyr of Sahid Hemant Karkare reveals his dual and divisive policy. He further stated that the Congress has been engaged in dual policy since its beginning. The policy and motive of the Congress was never clear and straightforward. We are still suffering the blunders made by the first Prime Minister of India Mr Jawaharlal Nehru and the Congress is repeating the same mistake. The divisive policy of the Congress on terrorism will come heavily on India in future.
He further stated that some people are engaged in divisive politics but the majority is battling to protect its sovereignty. He wooed the youths to come forward and work for the unity and integrity of the nation.
Addressing the Public Meeting in Dhanbad the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Mr Arjun Munda said that the Yatra give the message of Patriotism. “We are focused on youth. We are going to commission a State Youth Commission to give them proper direction,”. He further stated that Jharkhand is the land of martyrs and it’s due to the Sahid Birsa Munda that the state had its own identity. He further said, “If Kashmir ever needs, our youths will lead the forefront to sacrifice their lives,”. Dharmendra Pradhan, the national general secretary of BJP, Dinesh Anand Goshwami, the state president of Jharkhand BJP, Bablu Bhagat, president BJYM and other senior leaders were present in the public meeting in Dhanbad.
The Yatra which started from Kolkata is receiving warm welcome and huge support from all the quarters. People particularity youths are much excited to see and shake hands with youth leader Mr Anurag Thakur.


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