Friday, January 14, 2011

Motive of The March:

Motive of The March:

Ø To create awareness among the different class of society and inspire them for national spirit

Ø To create real patriotic feeling, the national flag will be hoisted at Lal Chowk at Srinagar on 26th Jan

Ø Before that on 25th Jan a grand rally will be organized in Jammu and lacks of youth will participate in to it

Ø Armed forces privilege Act must not be tampered

Ø In presence of them the national flag will be hoisted on 26th Jan at Lal Chowk of Srinagar

Ø Demand of BJYM:

Ø The Kashmir problem should not be regarded as religious problem, but all the political parties should treat it as a national problem, beyond the party politics

Ø Leaving the weak attitude, the government should tell the separatists strongly that every matter shall be treated under the purview of constitution and article 370 should be abolished

Ø Indian parliament had poised the resolution and took the pledge that the “we will take back the POK”

Ø To ensure a safe prosperous and torture free life for the youth and commoners of Kashmir

Ø Rehabilitations of displaced Kashmiri Pandits with Honour to be done in Kashmir

Ø We accept it that Kashmir belong to India and whole India belong to Kashmiris. The pain of Kashmir is the pain of India. We need to feel it. Mother India is calling its youth. Every Indian should accept its national responsibility towards Kashmir than only Kashmir can be saved and so India

Ø The motive of BJYM to have a march on 12th Jan from Kolkata the birthplace of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee to his martyr place Srinagar is to strengthen the integrity of India’s unity. The problem of Kashmir is the burning issue among the youth of India. They do not like separetetist talk on Kashmir issue, but every youth wants its solution in a peaceful manner rather than revolutionary activities that is why BJYM has decided to begin a march with harmony. This march is a chain of bridge. The tricolor has an important in national unity march

Ø The Aim of BJYM to ensure the political and non political participation of youth from all parts of India to give strength to unity

Ø Equal economic development of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladhak region


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