Tuesday, January 25, 2011

News from Rajghat- Rajnath Singh blasts the UPA GOvt

Shri Rajnath Singh (Former BJP National President) who is undergoing hunger strike at Rajghat along with many BJP workers and Delhi BJP Chief Vijendra Gupta to protest the UPA governments tackling and restraining the Ekta Yatra under non democratic methods.

What is the need for protesting at Rajghat and for the Hunger strike by BJP leaders led by Rajnath Singh?

Rajnath Singh stated that when our representations before the Prime Minister and the President of India have brought us no results, we have been left with only one recourse- to protest before the Father Of the Nation.

He said "By hoisting the National Flag, the Moral of the nationalists will increase , and if this is not done, the anti nationals will be encouraged."

The current position in Kashmir is due to the weak policies and legacy of Nehru who had foolishly taken up the Kashmir issue to the UN in 1948 and this resulted in 3 wars with Pakistan, the present UPA government is replicating the same policies which may create a war like situation and this in action by UPA is reflecting its lack of vision and lack of decision power.

He further asked the rationale behind the UPA's decision in witch hunting and merciless crackdown on Nationalists who want to unfurl the National Flag when they refuse to take action against anti India people like Gilani and Arundhati Roy who had the audacity to proclaim Kashmir as a separate entity.

He wondered that this strong arm tactics of the Omar Abdullah government which is shared equally by the Congress Party has been approved by the congress? If not, then why are they waiting? They should withdraw from the J & K Government immediately.

दुनिया का इतिहास बयां करता है, की हर एक मजबूत देश, कमज़ोर देश को कुचलता हैहमारे यहाँ , वर्तमान यु.पी.ए. सरकार   की कमज़ोर नीतिओं के कारण कमज़ोर पाकिस्तान, हमे कश्मीर को ले कर सता रहा है


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