Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State Machinery be damned- Krantiveer bharat ke har kone main hai

26th January 2010.

This day will be remembered by the generations to come.

This was the day when the Indian Government utilized the services of its entire might to suppress a nationalist Movement called Ekta Yatra which wanted to reach out to those Kashmiris who were not with the Terrorists (politically correct term is - separatists).

The Military Garrison Called Jammu and Srinagar has been breached by thousands of BJYM and BJP workers and supporters of Nationalism.

Yesterday, the Omar Govt had to release 4500 people at night as their custody was becoming logistic nightmare.

Today as of now more people are pouring out into the streets and more people are being released.

Democracy and Nationalism wins...UPA machinations be damned.

Vande Mataram


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