Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tweets supporting Yatra- Vande Mataram

Small trailer for the people of India-
I hope that the UPA and Omar are perspiring in the Cold-
People are hurling verbal brickbats at them.
Their so called reputation is fast getting shredded.

Read below what people have to say- and no it is no trp stuff- its actual and transparent!

Sateash K Jain
Good Night - Shubh Ratri ! It was a blackday for India as was insulted and humilated by UPA/Congress.
nimmahuduga(◕‿ ◕)
I dont know whether i like Bjp or not But I surely hate UPA congress . Spoiled our country with all sick ideas :-@
Kamna Pandey
2 hoist i gotta check if ppl around like tiranga or not? Goddammit ITS MY INDIA. Its my constitutional right.
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Sateash K Jain
Despite Court orders,sedition talkers,ArundhatiRoy&Gilani not arrested.How UPA justify @'s detention for ?
Boski Gupta
UPA is a confused govt. Can’t decide if Arundhati was seditious or BJP so blocks both

Kamna Pandey
@ True!Har state ke CM ko jaana chahiye wahan jhanda fehraane. Actually PM ko bhi. Befitting reply 2Yaseen Malik
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Anurag Thakur should be built and portrayed as an alternative to the so called youth icon aka prince of con party
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Congress has given Kashmir away to rage boys. We must take it back
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Congress is saying Kashmir does not belong to India.

Sushant Shetty
@ ur pic says a lot!! keep up the good work bjp

Sumeet ™ Verified ✔
Yes brother. RT @ Tiranga will be hoisted on Lal Chowk through tweeter by millions of partiots of India.

gali gali me shor hai @ Paki hai,gali gali me shor hai @ paki hai

Which govt uses its might to stop the hoisting of its own country's flag on its own soil ?!
subodh khanna
strange the whole train turned back .is emergency knocking at the door!

eunuchs collected by NDTV at HUMLOG clapping on comments by jaiprakesh jaiswal on anti hoisting of

By opposing , congrz is reconfirmng the gud old maxim "Vinaash Kaale, Vipareet Budhdhi". ronia, u r playng with fire baby

Sateash K Jain
Indian Govt. not confident to provide security to own national Flag - . So,are we really secure and safe? @

subhajit bhawal
RT @: India never had it so nasty. PM, like a bheegi billi, is deafeningly silent on . Singh saab, abhi tho kab
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sapan jain
Lets hoist pakki flag in d name of sickularism RT @ : Road sealed so BJP cant hoist flag. How PATHETIC is this govt. WEAK, WEAK..

Sateash K Jain
You were asked to bend by Congrass,not to crawl or up arse against . @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @


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