Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Utimate public support- crowds throng the yatra everywhere

We start the story as the Nationalist Yatra moved from Jhansi to Datia.

At Chirula check post there were about 3000 people waiting for Anurag Thakur and his team.

The Yatra was welcomed by band and crackers and as the 350 cars joined the yatra and moved towards Datia town, school children welcomed the Yatra through out the 17 km run!

Datia City- There was an open Jeep rally and flowers showered from each and every house on the sons of our motherland who have embarked on a mission of ekta to Kashmir. There was a mini sabha and 20,000 people turned out. A 4km stretch of journey took 2 hours. This shows the involvement of the crowd!

Gwalior- The Yatra enjoyed a Bhavya Swagat and at different times, the crowd grew larger and larger. 15 Families of soldiers who had laid down their lives for the country, were honoured by Anurag Thakur. 5 km of the journey now took 3 hours to travel.

Datia to Chambal Nadi- even at 11 pm there were 400 cars which came till the river along with the Yatra.

Dholpur- 11.30- 11.45 P.M- There were people braving the cold and waiting for the yatra.

The brave-hearts finally took a halt at Agra for the Night.


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